MAT I: Sacred Liturgy: CLC – July 10, 16, 23, 29, 2019


This course introduces students to a deeper understanding of the Liturgy as “the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed” (SC 10).  Students will discover the richness of the Church’s Liturgical tradition, and study the role of the Trinity in our sanctification through the Liturgy. The course provides students will tools for greater participation and prayer within the celebration of the Liturgy and in this way, can be a means to a renewed relationship with God, who is the source and goal of all Liturgies in the Church.

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Course Start Date: July 10 (Online materials become available, begin work on Course Content)

Session 1: Tues. July 16  10:30am-12pm (Discuss first half of course materials)

Session 2: Tues. July 23  10:30am-12pm (Discuss second half of course materials)

Course End Date: July 29 (Concluding Exercises and all assignments due)

Location: Catholic Life Center, Tracy Center

Instructor: Jason Romero

Register by July 2, 2019