MAT I: Evangelization, Catechesis, Mission: CLC Apr. 6, 13, 2019


Jesus calls the faithful to task through the The Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20), which provides the foundation for evangelization, catechesis and mission. This course will illuminate each component of the Great Commission through scripture, Church documents and practical applications. An increase in understanding will empower the student with the ability to define each and know how they inter-relate. Students will also be equipped with the necessary skills in order to bring others to Jesus through love, understanding and action, all of which strengthen a live long commitment of building God’s kingdom.

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Location: Catholic Life Center

Course Dates: Saturdays, April 6 & 13

Times: 8:00am – 12:30pm

Instructor: Carmel Acosta

Register by Apr 1, 2019